Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions – Grof Cycling guided tours

Please note that following terms and conditions apply for guided biking tours, bike rentals and other services arranged by agency Grof Cycling (Kovego d.o.o.):


The contractual partners are Grof Cycling / Kovego d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”) and customer/subscriber (hereinafter referred to as “participant”). If the order was placed by a third party for the guest, then on the basis of a joint and several guarantee, the third party together with the guest guarantees the hotel for all obligations under the contract.


Our guided tours are suitable for all types of cyclists. The participants must have the basic physical and psychological strength that are necessary to realize the tour. We suggest that before applying, the participants check the difficulty level of the tour and discuss with the agency about choosing the right tour. Please see Section 9 “The participant’s responsibility” for more details.


The prices are set with the cycling tour program and are valid from the day of posting the program.

The tour prices are defined in our price list that is published on grof-cycling.eu. The tour prices include the services as specified in the tour description on our web site. Additional services which are not included in the basic price, are charged extra and are described under »additional payment«.

The organizer can determine in the program that the participant pays certain services on the spot. In this case, Grof Cycling does not act as an organizer, not as an intermediary, but merely as an informant. In this case, the participant makes all claims exclusively to the service provider on the spot.

Any discounts and benefits are always mutually exclusive and do not add up. If the passenger qualifies for several discounts at the same time, only the highest discount will be charged.

At the customer's request for a personalized cycling tour, the organizer makes an offer which the price depends on the services involved and can vary from offer to offer.

The organizer reserves the right to raise the price in case of new/ changes for tax regulations, exchange rate changes, price level changes, misprints, costs due to force majeure or other unforeseen reasons. The price can also change with notice to participants if the number of participants is lower than the required. Increases in price are to be notified as soon as possible and at the latest 10 days prior to tour departure date. If the increase in price exceeds 10 % of the tour price, the participant is free to cancel the reservation at no surcharge.


Under conditions and price list of the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, the organizer can for the services charge standard reservation costs and costs for creating a personalized offer of 12€ per reservation. In case of more complicated offer for individual personalized tours can the organizer charge 21€ as security for creating the offer. In case, the participant does not accept the offer, the security is not returned.


At the registration, the participant and organizer sign a »scope of the booking agreement«. The booking covers the services agreed between the organizer and the participant and includes: any tour participant information issued, invoice with payment information, description of the tour, all information, difficulty level, mandatory equipment, and other facts about the tour.

With the booking confirmation, all participants acknowledge to have read and accepted our terms and conditions for tour participation. The booking is binding once booking has been carried through.


The payment of the tour is in euros (EUR, €). The day of the payment is the day when the participant pays the organizer (Grof Cycling – Kovego d.o.o.) or to authorized agency or when Kovego d.o.o. receives the payment on the transaction account.

At the registration for the cycling tour, the payment of 30% of the total value is required as a guarantee. The remaining amount must be paid no later than the date of departure on the cycling tour or as indicated in the booking agreement.

Invoice payment options:

  • With credit card (Visa, Mastercard) through the website grof-cycling.eu, e-mail, telephone or at the reception of Hotel Grof;
  • With cash at the reception of Hotel Grof;
  • Payment with bank transfer: transaction account of Kovego d.o.o., Čeplje 12, 3305 Vransko, Slovenija. Bank: Sberbank d.d., Prešernova ulica 27, 3000 Celje, TRR: SI56 3000 0000 8022 421
  • At the authorized agency for selling cycling tours Grof Cycling.


The final invoice is issued at the end of the cycling tour by Kovego d.o.o. / Hotel Grof.


The participant is entitled to a written cancellation of the cycling tour at the check-in point where he has applied. In the event of cancellation by the participant, the organizer is entitled to reimbursement due to the cancellation of the tour. The amount of the costs depends on the time in which the participant submitted the cancellation:

  • More than 10 days before the tour: the cost of administrative fee of 12€ per participant
  • 10 to 3 days before the tour: 50% of the price
  • Less than 3 days before the tour: 100% of the price


When changes to a booking are made more than 10 days before the tour departure date an administration fee of 12€ applies. Changes to a booking that are to be carried through when it is 10 days or less to the tour departure date, is regarded as a cancellation of the tour – depending on the change.

If the participant for any reason has quit and leave the group during the course of the guided tour, the organizer is not responsible for any extra costs that this may lead to for the participant. The participant cannot claim any refund of the tour price and will be advised to consult her/his travel or accident insurance arrangements.


Grof Cycling may cancel a tour in case of force majeure, weather conditions, lack of tour leaders, not sufficient number of participants or other unforeseen reasons beyond the organizer’s control. If possible, the organizer will do his best to notify the participants:

  • at the latest 10 days before tour departure date for tours lasting 5 days or more
  • at the latest 2 days before tour departure date for tours lasting 4 days or less.


In the case of tour cancellation due to the reasons described above, the full amount paid will be refunded. Organizer is not responsible for any other costs that the participant may have related to tour participation.

The organizer strives to carry through the guided tour as described in the tour description itinerary. Some changes might happen due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that make it difficult to carry through the tour as first planned. In such cases, and whenever possible, the participants will be notified of any significant changes before tour departure. If the participant wishes to cancel the booking due to such changes, the full paid amount will be refunded. In cases where changes have to be made during the guided tour, the tour leader should notify the participants as soon as possible.


Participants are obliged to read the tour description itinerary carefully and assess whether they are physically and mentally prepared to carry through tour participation without being a liability to themselves or others.

Should a participant be aware that her/his health condition is poor, she/he is obliged to consult a physician.

The participants are obliged to follow the instructions and decisions of the tour leader. Should the participant be inadequately prepared for the tour, physically/mentally or with poor equipment, or otherwise causing difficulties for the tour leader and/or the tour group, the leader has the authority to require that the participant quit the tour. The organizer is not responsible for any extra cost that this may lead to for the participant. In cases of grave violation to the above provisions, the participant can be made liable for any loss or extraordinary expenses affecting the organizer.


The tour leader should as soon as possible be notified of a complaint in the course of the tour, enabling that the matter can be settled on the spot. A written statement of the complaint and any requests for refund must be forwarded to the organizer's administrative office as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days after the tour is finished.


Grof Cycling wishes to underline that participation on our guided tours is at the participants own risk. As organizer we do not take the responsibility for any economic consequences related to accidents/injuries that occur during the realization of the guided tour.

Participants from abroad are advised to take out a combined travel and accident insurance in their home countries, as such insurance is not included in booking. It is also likely that such insurance also includes cancellation insurance.


As a participant on a guided tour, you may be photographed, either by the tour leader or by other participants. These photographs may be used later in Grof Cycling, printed or online publications. Please tell the tour leader in advance if you prefer not to be photographed.


The organizer reserves the right to make alterations to any information published about our guided tours. Tour information is subject to changes related to transportation time schedules, accommodation opening hours, price amendments and printed errors that may have effects for tour participants.


Terms and conditions – Bike rental


The organizer delivers to the renter the equipment mentioned in the Rental Agreement in good conditions and provided with appropriate safety devices (helmet, lock).

The customer, on collecting the rented equipment and on underwriting the rental agreement, with the specific approval of the present general conditions, declares to have verified that the equipment is in good conditions and proper to the use agreed upon.


The customer must provide a valid ID, give correct information about their personal details (name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, age, weight and height-for the correct size of the bike).

The customer must use and store the rented equipment with utmost care and in compliance with the law. Make sure that, over all the rental period, the equipment is in good conditions for correct use. In the event one of the above-mentioned conditions should fail, the customer must promptly report to the organizer which will replace or repair the rented equipment.

The renter must, on collecting the equipment, pay the total amount corresponding to the rental price plus the extra services as per the rental rates agreed upon in the rental agreement. In case of prolonged rental or additional services, extra charges are to be paid on the return of the equipment.

The renter must return the equipment to the organizer at the time and place agreed. On returning the equipment, check the conditions together with the organizer.


The rental material is not insured against damage and theft. In the event of theft, the customer must report the theft immediately to the competent Authority and give the organizer the original copy of the report within 24 hours. In the event of theft, the customer will be charged an amount equal to the value of the stolen gear. The payment for the rental is due until the original copy of the theft report is handed in.

If the rental period has not expired yet, the organizer will replace the gear with a similar one if available and only after the customer has paid the amount due as compensation. In the event the stolen gear is later retrieved, the amount paid as compensation or deductible will be refunded unless any possible damage be ascertained.

In case of inappropriate use, refund the organizer for the consequences of any damage caused to the rented equipment, including the replacement of spare parts, repairs, and labor costs.


Rental rates are charged as an all-day rental or as a half-day rental. All-day rental is considered any hire of equipment longer than 4 hours and a half-day rental of less than 4 hours.

The customer must return the rented equipment as agreed with organizer and within the date on the rental agreement in conditions consistent with normal usage. In the event the customer wants to extend the rental period, communication must be given to the organizer before due date and the balance is to be settled at the returning of the equipment. When the equipment is not retuned within the due date, the organizer may recover possession of the equipment in any possible way even against the will of the customer. The rental amount is also due for the period exceeding the agreed terms. In the event the rented gear has not been returned within 7 days after due date, the organizer will sue the customer to the competent authority.

The customer who returns the equipment before the agreed date, in case of illness or injury will be refunded for the period not enjoyed if the medical certificate is presented. Bad weather or other obstructions do not exempt from payment of the rental rate.


Please notify organizer as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking. Following rules apply in the case of cancellation:

  • More than 5 days before rental date: booking cancellation is free of charge
  • 4 – 2 days before rental date: 30% of the price is refunded
  • 1 day before rental date: 50% of the price is refunded
  • In case of no show: the full rental price amount applies. No refund or the customer will be sent an invoice equivalent of the full tour price amount. The organizer has a right to rent the reserved equipment to another renter in case the renter does not pick it up at the agreed time.



Throughout the rental period, the customer can always ask to have the rented equipment exchanged or replaced. In the event the equipment is replaced with analogous items, the first change is free; subsequent changes will be charged a 5 Euro change fee.

In the event the equipment is replaced with items with different characteristics, the customer will be charged the price difference for higher quality items or refunded for lower quality items.


Payment of the rental is possible at the company Kovego d.o.o., or at the reception of the Hotel Grof, where the renter also withdraws the agreed equipment. Payment is possible by cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). It is also possible to pay with bank transfer:

Company: Kovego d.o.o., Čeplje 12, 3305 Vransko, Slovenija

Bank: Sberbank d.d., Prešernova ulica 27, 3000 Celje

IBAN: TRR: SI56 3000 0000 8022 421; SWIFT: SABRSI2X


All rental Agreements by Kovego d.o.o. are regulated by Slovenian legislation. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement and its validity, interpretation, implementation or dissolution shall be subject to the Court of Jurisdiction of Celje.

The organizer, in the event of arrears, has the right to deny any rental service the customer may ask in the future.